The Grand Opening of Ida Spa & Sauna in Narva: A Unique Spa Retreat Offering First-Class Services at Attractive Prices

Narva News, February 14, 2024 — Discover a new dimension of relaxation in Narva with the opening of Ida Spa & Sauna, your perfect sanctuary for rejuvenating both body and soul. Enjoy an exclusive blend of high-class spa services, a variety of sauna experiences, and flexible pricing starting from February 15. Treat yourself to an unforgettable rejuvenation experience at Estonia's easternmost spa center, appealing to both locals and city visitors alike.

The Grand Opening of Ida Spa & Sauna in Narva: A Unique Spa Retreat

In the heart of Narva, within the walls of the "Narva" hotel, a new chapter in the city's history unfolded on February 14 with the grand debut of its latest gem - Ida Spa & Sauna. This spa center, embodying tranquility and self-care, sparked a flame of anticipation and joy among attendees. From its first breath, it promises to become an oasis of calm and lightness for anyone seeking harmony of body and soul. Starting from February 15, Ida Spa & Sauna opens its doors not only to hotel guests but to everyone living or traveling to Narva, inviting them to immerse in a world where steam mixed with the fragrance of herbs creates an atmosphere of pure joy and relaxation.

The spa center's opening was celebrated with festivity and hospitality, attracting city residents, partners, and colleagues from across Estonia, including Tallinn, Tartu, and Jõhvi. The event caught the attention of Kadri Yalonen, the tourism coordinator at the Ida-Viru Enterprise Center, who shared her impressions of the new establishment. Even in its test mode, two weeks before the official opening, the spa center already received high praise from Danish guests, impressed by the service level and quality of services provided.


The Grand Opening of Ida Spa & Sauna in Narva: A Unique Spa Retreat The Grand Opening of Ida Spa & Sauna in Narva: A Unique Spa Retreat

Kadri highlighted the establishment's unique achievement as the easternmost spa center in Estonia, noting that its presence would attract more tourists and increase interest in Narva as a whole. "This spa center has set a kind of record, as it is the easternmost in Estonia," Kadri emphasized.

Meelis Kuusk, the executive director of the Ida-Viru Local Governments Union, also expressed his support for the project, noting that such events are pleasing not only from a tourism development perspective but also in terms of improving the quality of life for the local population. He pointed out the necessity of having places for quality and enjoyable family relaxation. "There must definitely be places where you can relax well and with pleasure with the whole family," Meelis Kuusk underscored.

IDA Spa ja Saun offers its visitors a variety of sauna pleasures: from classic Finnish saunas to aromatic steam baths, each created for true relaxation and rejuvenation. The center provides four different types of saunas, each named after historic Narva bastions: a steam sauna, an aromatic bath, a Finnish sauna, and a Russian bath. Additionally, there's a relaxation area, a bar, and jacuzzi baths equipped with two modes: a 7-minute massage and bubble bath. All floors in the sauna center, starting from the changing rooms, are laid with high-quality heated stone tiles, and separate changing rooms for men and women are provided for visitors' convenience.


The Grand Opening of Ida Spa & Sauna in Narva: A Unique Spa Retreat

This place offers everyone a source of health and joy, immersing them in an atmosphere of tranquility and harmony that Narva has longed for.

Photographs taken by Irina Tokareva at the opening convey the event's atmosphere: guests' smiles, the play of light on the surface of the pool water, and the warm embraces of partners celebrating a new development in Narva's tourist appeal.


The Grand Opening of Ida Spa & Sauna in Narva: A Unique Spa Retreat

The project's realization, facilitated by a loan of over 840,000 euros, marked a significant step in this ambitious project, promising to become a real magnet for visitors and significantly increase Narva's popularity as a tourist destination.

The total cost of the project amounted to an impressive 1,040,817 euros, a substantial part of which was financial support from EAS of about 200,000 euros and a loan of over 840,000 euros provided by the Lithuanian bank SMEBank. This project became possible thanks to the efforts of the Sanesi OU team and their belief in the region's potential, despite concerns related to financing tourism projects in Ida-Viru.

SMEBank's representative in Estonia, Anna Homin, shared with the magazine that their bank, operating in Estonia for just two years and aimed at expanding its presence in the Baltic and Finnish markets, sees not only commercial success in this project but also an opportunity to support the development of local tourism. "We wouldn't give the green light to every project, but in the case of Vladimir and Evgeny, we had no doubts," noted Homin.

Vladimir Aret, the executive director of Sanesi OU, and Evgeny Fedorov, one of the owners of the Narva hotel, invested not only financial resources but also a part of their souls in creating this unique space. At the opening of the center, Vladimir Aret expressed hope that the new spa center would become a source of joy not only for hotel guests but also for all Narva residents.

Prices and Services

The variety of services, attention to detail, and, of course, flexible pricing policy make visiting the new sauna center attractive to a wide range of visitors.

Prices at the new sauna center vary depending on the day of the week. From Monday to Thursday, two hours of visitation cost 18 euros. Those wishing to extend their stay and immerse themselves deeper into the relaxation atmosphere can opt for an additional hour at 8 euros. The center's working hours on these days, from 10 am to 9 pm, allow for convenient planning of both morning and evening visits.

From Friday to Sunday, the center offers its services at slightly higher rates - 22 euros for two hours and an additional 8 euros for each subsequent hour. On weekends, the sauna complex is open an hour longer, until 10 pm, making it an ideal place for evening relaxation after a busy day.

For families with children, the sauna center offers especially attractive conditions. Children aged four to eighteen can enjoy a two-hour visit for 12 euros. This offer is valid any day of the week until 3 pm. Parents with children under three years old will be pleased to know that toddlers enter the center for free, making family visits even more appealing.

Why Visit?

The new sauna center is more than just a place for bathing; it's a complex where every visitor can find something for both soul and body. From traditional sauna procedures to spa salons with a wide range of services, all conditions for full relaxation and rejuvenation are created here.

Reasonable pricing makes the center's services accessible to a wide range of people. The ability to choose the duration of the visit, as well as special offers for families with children, highlight the complex's focus on meeting the needs of each client.

The opening of the new sauna center is more than just an addition to the city's list of entertainments. It's a place where you can not only relax physically but also rejuvenate spiritually, recharge with new energy and emotions. Whether you seek tranquility on weekdays or wish to spend time with your family on weekends, this center offers ideal conditions for every visitor.

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