Border Incidents: Stories of Dreamers and Rule Breakers Caught at the Border

The border patrol in the Leningrad Oblast continues its successful efforts in combating illegal border crossings. In the latest operations, border guards apprehended ten foreign nationals attempting to unlawfully enter Estonia and Finland.

Border Incidents: Stories of Dreamers and Rule Breakers Caught at the

According to the Federal Security Service (FSB) Border Guard, on February 13th, three individuals from Middle Eastern countries were apprehended in the Vyborg District. They were spotted by border guards attempting to cross the Finnish border on foot, carrying tightly packed backpacks. Border officers successfully thwarted their intentions.

In another incident, seven citizens from an African country were detained in the border zone of the Kingisepp District. These foreigners were attempting to enter Estonia, dreaming of a European life. From photographs taken at the scene of the detention, it's evident that some of them maintained an optimistic outlook, even smiling despite the circumstances.

All detained foreigners were held accountable for breaching border regulations and faced administrative penalties. By the decision of courts in the Vyborg and Kingisepp Districts, they are to pay fines and be forcibly removed from Russian territory.

These cases represent just a fraction of the border patrol's efforts in combating illegal border crossings. The agency will continue its operations aimed at ensuring the security of the state border and preventing unlawful crossings.

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